Thursday, April 16, 2009


First off, I can't believe that's actually a word.

On April 3rd, I purchased a new little pocket-sized Moleskine to always have on hand (that won't take up so much space in my purse). My goal was to draw something everyday--even if it was just for 2 or 3 minutes--but to at least create something on a blank page. Two weeks later and I've got 14 pages of little drawings to show for it, so I need to give kudos to myself for setting a goal and sticking with it so far. I also need to give myself a Peach Perfection from Jamba Juice. Mmm...

The original inspiration for this goal came from a few people who participated in some kind of "365" project on Flickr (or one of them photo sites), where the goal was to draw something everyday and upload it to a gallery. Sadly I am still missing out in the scanner department, but hopefully I can upload these drawings to my own 365 gallery in due time.

For some reason I decided that all of these sketches have to be in pen. For one, the image will already show up better when I scan it. Secondly, I think it's a great way to forgive yourself for any mistakes you make while drawing. "Oh crap, now that line's there and I can't move it. Oh well, that's what it's going to be!" It makes me stop and think a little more about my line placement and plan what exactly I am going to do. And I'm just over it that much quicker if something doesn't turn out exactly how I want it.. or I get creative in finding ways to fix it.


M. Dinardi said...

Glad to hear you are sketching, jamba juices are great drawing fuel! Splurge on the scanner! you can get 4-in-ones for 60$

Rosebug said...

This is a scanner I just got 6 months ago. Crystal... It is an ADF scanner...25 sheets/minute!!!
We use it for the beginning 2D class!
Love it.
65$ free shipping!
Got to love it!