Friday, September 12, 2008

Secret sketching

Emily and I had a sketch night, which hopefully will become a weekly event now. We walked down to the little coffee shop by her place and discreetly leered at people while scribbling.

I wanted to try pastels again.. yeah.. rounded pastels not so great for small, detail work. Aw wells.

I really like this pencil sketch, even though the guy couldn't decide if he wanted to put his hand up or down or look straight ahead or turn slightly to the left. Finally my view was obstructed when another patron sat down in the way. People should really be more cooperative when they are secretly being sketched from across the room.

By the way, I hate my scanner.. that or I guess I need to draw much harder. A lot of the details and linework look so much nicer in the book. The sketch lines of the guy's hand by his mouth and stripes on his shirt were pretty much lost. Curse this digital age we live in!


Scoob said...

I REALLY like that bottom sketch! That is great!!

Crystal said...

Thanks Scoob! :D It looks even better in the book.