Thursday, September 25, 2008


This piece was actually a bit of art therapy. In a moment of frustration during a heated IM conversation (no, not cyborz), I grabbed my sketchbook and my Prisma pencils, flipped to an open page, and just scribbled. It was a little reminder that everything I create does not have to be a masterpiece. A sketchbook should be a practice place for ideas, observations and experimentation.

The Prismas felt so smooth and nice gliding on the stretched skin of those little moles, that I did a quick doodle of an apple.

While failing to get all of the colors and shading to display properly from the scanner (which emits as much light as the friggin' sun), I played with the saturation and liked this warm gray version. You can faintly see a few more sketch lines where more color was applied. Still looks better in the book. o.0

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with my super-duper-bright scanner that washes out all of my drawings? The pages I draw on are actually cream-colored, but show up stark white once scanned (the brightness level is actuall brought down in the above scans). There isn't much I can do in the scanner settings, so I have to try to fix everything in Photoshop.

Gracias, amigos and amigas.

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