Friday, September 26, 2008


A little doodling while watching the season premiere of The Office (JIM AND PAM. AMG.)

I've had an animation idea swimming through my head for quite sometime, so I am trying to do some work for it. These guys are just some practice for the concept and character design stages. I haven't drawn many monkeys-type-characters, but they're kind of fun.

Ook ook.

P.S., I didn't mean the monkeys are Jim and Pam from The Office. I meant JIM AND PAM. AMG!! as a stand alone exclaimation.

Ook ook.


Anonymous said...

i love your drawings!

Crystal said...

Thank you very much! :D

M. Dinardi said...

It is great to see so many entries and lot's of drawing!
Makes ya feel good huh? Many are very well done.
The pool view turned out very nice
I love my moleskins, just bought one that has story-boarding frames. Have you story-boarded your animation idea??

Crystal said...

I saw the storyboard journal and was very tempted to get it. I might go grab it since it will probably come in handy.

No storyboards yet, but that is something I hope to remedy soon! So far I have compiled a nice little reference folder on my laptop. Now I needs to get draw'rin.