Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it "Moleskine" 'cause it's made of moles?

Much to my sadistic disappointment, no. But I will pretend.

Breaking in my new moleskine sketchbook has been way overdue. I don't know what is so damn intimidating about a blank sheet of paper to me these days. This past Saturday, I went downstairs to thaw out in the blistering sun, by the pool. I decided it was time to learn how to draw again.

I need to finish the trees in the background once the temperature cools down, or I can get air conditioning outside.

My friend Emily inspired me with how she is also trying to fit more doodling into her hectic schedule. When I went over to visit, she had several small notebook pages (tattered edges from the binding and all) placed together on her wall. She had done a simple ink landscape of the buildings by her work, pieced together on 5 or 6 seperate pages.. like how people take individual photos of a landscape and piece together their own panoramic puzzle. She had tied them all together with a simple, yet lovely watercolor wash for the sky.

...So this isn't exactly a tryptych or anything (ten points for remembering Art History 101 terminology), but I was inspired to create something.. and I mean -something-, ANYTHING at all remotely artistic. That's sort of a big deal to me, and it shouldn't be. Life continues throwing transitions at me with a new job and new home, but at least these are good things. I am ready to get settled into a new routine while trying to incorporate my creativeness once more.

More doodles to come soon. Thank you to the little moles who helped make my sketchbook possible.

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