Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm somebody!

Sweet fancy Moses, I'm on IMDB!

IMDB Profile for Crystal Mora

As the link will reveal, this was obtained by working as a Production Assistant for a local/internet talkshow called "The John Kerwin Show". I got to show off my fancy logistical work and mad teleprompting skills during taping. I have a second credit pending from the last shoot, and hopefully will have another episode under my belt in October. Rock, rock on.

Here's a somewhat random sketch page from my Sunday morning at the laundromat. This was a really weird weekend all together with lots of strange people doing strange things. More sketches to come pertaining to my dining experience on Saturday night.

The scanner couldn't pick it up, but all of those words by the Pac-Man game are "AbbaAbbaAbba"... as in the sound Pac-Man makes when he's eating pellets, not the Swedish pop group from the 70's.


Scoob said...

Wow, you are like, my hero, Crystal M. Mora who's on IMDB!! And I love these sketches, makes me wanna draw again...

Crystal said...

Then draw, you crazy man! Draw like the wind! I was going to bug you into being more artistically productive, since I am trying to do the same myself.