Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I got the earthquake job. :D Yesterday I started with a company called Fix8.

Fix8 is a program which allows you to customize and animate yourself via webcam. You can either create a 3D avatar, like so...

Or add on accessories and little flash animation special effects, like so...

What's kind of fun about the avatars is that they sync up with your own movements. When you smile, it smiles. When you talk, it talks. When you move your eyebrows, it moves its eyebrows. There are also options to add vocal effects to alter your voice when you speak.

For right now I am doing some part-time admin work, which includes lots of playing around with the software. Right now I am doing some research to provide feedback concerning the program's interface... which means I look at myself on a webcam and make lots of goofy faces. They have eluded to me helping out more graphically in the future, and seemed pretty excited about my background in animation and graphic design.

While I admit to never being big on the video chat, this program is pretty fun to play around with. They have a lot of cool possibilities for the software on how to expand its use for animation purposes.

Fun stuff!