Friday, January 11, 2008

More apples

It's pretty slow-going, but it's fun to sort of re-learn what Photoshop does. To be honest, I don't remember doing any realistically shaded images in Photoshop. Oh well, the practice is fun. Fixed the shape of the main apple, as well as correcting the placement.. as well as changing what I thought was a leaf to an apple or lime or whatever it is. Also experimenting with different brushes and textures for the apples and such.

Nothin' like scribblin' to the rousing speeches of Zap Brannigan.


M. Dinardi said...

Starting to look pretty good!
Lower apple becoming 3D.
Great thing about Photoshop is the paint will not dry out!
Any Rigby pics from your visit??

Gary said...

Nice going... Keep it up!!!
It's cool to just take your time with something as well, whatever works for the piece.
It's looking good.

The speed thing comes from setting yourself a time limit, 5 min 10 min, 1 hour (divided/broken up by progression breaks, save each for review, usually 3x20 min) and treating it like a gesture drawing, fast = just throwing down colors and not worrying about details until the later mid/last 20 min or so in the hour sessions, and maybe then focusing on a section or working the whole thing keeping it loose.
Have fun with it, thats what matters.
Give it a shot.