Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still kicking

Just wanted to post a little update to say that I'm still alive. Life's been absolutely nutty since the end of October, and I'm feeling spread kind of thin with all the stuff going on.

Right now my efforts are concentrated on applying for jobs more directly related to the animation/entertainment industry. I had an amazing opportunity to visit Cartoon Network and take a tour of their facilities (Craig McCracken's personal collection of Powerpuff Girl paraphanalia was a might impressive). While unfortunately they're not doing any hiring at the moment, they were nice enough to take my resume and look over my portfolio for feedback purposes.

I was fortunate enough to know people face-to-face at Cartoon Network, but getting my foot into other studios where I don't know anyone seems tricky. The Writer's Strike is also still affecting major studios. I have a friend who is out of a job soon because there are simply no new scripts to work on. While the situation is a bit discouraging, I'm continuing to poke around on craigslist and multiple job boards to see what's out there. There are a ton of production places right here in Burbank, now I just have to find 'em.

Job-hunt-wise, I can't wait for all the holiday business to be over with. But fun-wise, I'm so excited that I get to go home for Christmas. This will be my first trip where I get to fly instead of deal with a 16 hour round-trip of driving. And I'll also be spending several days home instead of just over the weekend. That means FIVE DAYS WITH MY RIGBY.. oh yeah, and my family and friends. ^.^

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Phillip said...

I bookmarked this page several months ago when you mentioned it on MySpace, and never visited again. Until today. By amazing coincidence, you happened to post today! Crazy. I am sad that I have not seen you even once since you moved to California.