Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Rigby

Here are her puppy pictures...

Here's a more recent picture. I caught her sniffing the flowers.

I miss my baby girl, but she's doing a great job of filling the empty-nest syndrom for my mom.


M. Dinardi said...

Very Very cute. Love the pink in side the ears!
They are handsome dogs.
Rufus has a snauzer(sp) friend named Bella at the Udall dog park that he loves to chase and be chased by.

Crystal said...

I love taking Rigby to Udall park. I don't think we've met any other Schnauzers there yet, but she's happy enough chasing around the big dogs (and the big dog puppies, which are about her size). Hopefully we can meet up with Angela and Desmond another time I make it back for a visit.