Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Madison - sketches

I just thought it would be nice to post some actual artwork up here. This is Madison, who I was asked to draw a cartoon version of by her mother.

First I did this little sketch, which was compiled from several different reference pictures.

Then I found some pictures from a Monster's Inc. party plate to use as a style reference. Afterall, one of my first thoughts of Madison was that she looked just like Boo from the movie, pigtails and all.

Madi's signatures are her pink flip-flops, sparkly pink sunglasses, and her "Nemo" beanie-baby (who she is -NEVER- without).

I'm going to work out some proportions and fix the angle of the feet.. probably change the eyes a bit to show more of Madi's half-Asian-ness. I'm glad I stuck with something quick and simple so I can get the image done on time. I will start on coloring tonight, though I haven't picked a medium. I really wish I had a copy of Illustrator at home. :(


M. Dinardi said...

Cute little girl! Big Eyes/ Big head- you know, Lisa Frank style!

Free vector software:
Inkscape was reviewed favorably in 3D magazine.

An alternative:

I have been getting to use Blender.
Lightwave is annoying-you have to model in one program and then do everything else in another! So I use Blender at work and Maya at home.

Crystal said...

Oooh, thank you!