Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm on Cartoon Brew!

I'll take my fifteen seconds of fame anyway I can get 'em.

Disney Exhibit at Forest Lawn

I wrote an e-mail to Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew about the art exhibit in Glendale. The exhibit itself was so small and in such a strange location, I was hoping it would make the news page so that others would have a chance of hearing about it. Mission accomplished!

Jerry and Amid from Cartoon Brew also attended the Platform Festival in Portland. They gave great talks at the panels, and also wrote some great articles reviewing the festival. Here are a few of those links:

Report from Platform - Day 1

Report from Platform - Day 3

Report from Platform - Day 4

Hertzfeldt Wins at Platform

If you do a search on Cartoon Brew for Platform Festival. plenty of articles and pictures pop up. Still waiting on word from Cartoon Network as to if we have the go ahead for next year or not. I'm hopeful, but the suspense is getting to me.

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SeanC said...

I saw you on there! Hurray!