Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Still around, but still battling a severe lack of inspiration. I'm not too worried because this has happened to me once before. When it was over I had suddenly found myself enrolled in an art college. Crazy!

The problem is that I am not a very self-motivated person. I really miss my friends from The Art Center back home that I used to collaborate with. It seems most of the people I'm around these days are not very artistically inclined. They're fun, great people, but none who really understand the way I see things in the world around me.. for example, "that cute little rat movie" by Pixar. Once you know how animation works, you see so much more than a simple "children's" movie.. plot progression, character development, lighting, textures, environments and props.. sigh. I know there's no shortage of people knowledgeable about animation in this town, but it's been tough to pin them down.

My friend Nick and I went to a fantasy art exhibit at Forest Lawn in Glendale (which is a really weird location, because it's a giant cemetary with a museum up at the very top hill). I was surprised to find a lot of works on loan from Walt Disney Animation Studios. There were maquettes from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, character sketches of Ariel and Beast by Glen Keane (amazing), concept designs for the dwarfs from Snow White (with some GREAT variations of Dopey), as well as character designs, storyboards, cels and backgrounds from the original Fantasia, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and more. It's running until January, in case anyone has the chance to take a peek.

I've finally been sketching again, but haven't finished anything in color. Right now I'm working on an illustration as a birthday present. Little kids are fun to draw. I'll post that one when it's finished.

So far the only project I've finished out here has been a tattoo design. Man, is it weird to see your artwork displayed on someone's body!

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M. Dinardi said...

Glad to hear you are alive and well.
Moving to LA can sap your energy, just getting your feet back under you can take it all outta ya.
Inspiration will come back.

The animation people are at asifa meetings-they have classes too.

Rufus eats the bugs and then has "bug breath". At least you can clean the bear out!
Post a pic!