Monday, April 2, 2007

Movin' on u~uup...

To the east si~iiide. Burbank, that is... Swimmin' pools, animation studios.

This weekend's move to my new digs in Burbank was a complete success. Now commences Operation: Scour Thrift Stores and Yard-Sales for Cheap Furniture. Or, Operation "Stsyscf", as I like to call it. At least buying a bed was taken care of well in advance. I would hate to have to sleep on top of those giant, plastic storage bins, as well as continue to store clothes in them.

Unfortunately, I once again find myself in the situation of having no internet connection--and no computer desk, for that matter (curse whoever bought the last of the models I wanted at Ikea). Hopefully I will be able to post some updates on here soon enough.

My new commute to work takes me past both Walt Disney and Warner Brothers Studios. Perhaps one day that's where the commute will end! Oh, to be starry-eyed and full of dreams in L.A.

Draw, monkey!!

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M. Dinardi said...

Craigslist has a "Free" listing, sometimes furniture in there.
Hear ya got a boyfriend ;-)