Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy Little Trees

Just playing with different brushes and tools in Corel. The Impressionist tool is handy for textures.


Gary said...

Hi Crystal, Your trees are cool, nice start. The following is what my friend Chatree at the link PaintATree, gave me for advice when we were doing the Frazetta Painting. I added "details" to his shadows and highlights part of the tips. The pen tool we are using is the scratch board pen tool. It works really good for throwing down the bg, base and gestures then change it up to whatever tool works for any of the rest of it, for example the airbrush or blending tools, etc..
Chatree's tips
: just the pen tool
: brush in bg
: then gestures
: then base colors
: then shadows, and highlights, and details.
: sounds easy i know, but then it gets real complicated real fast.

Well that was about it. He makes it sound so easy but you will find yourself improving each time, as I have found.
Keep going, it's quite fun to do the speed painting. You should try, just start and go for 20 min stop and see where you are save a version, and go another 20 min and stop and save a version and then the last 20 min. It really loosens you up as well as works on increasing your quickness.

Have fun... I cant wait to see more.

chatree said...

i really like the colors, looks like something i would see in children's book. I love children's illustraions. if you haven't already try, you may want to give chalk a test ,its great. the one on the very buttom of my blog was created using purely chalks.

M. Dinardi said...

Hey I want to "C Mora" your work.
Been waiting for a week to use that one!
Hope you got a chance to do some drawing between green beers!