Sunday, March 4, 2007

That Wacky Wacom

I've neglected my little Wacom tablet since it was purchased almost a year ago. Unfortunately, my initial approach to this newfangled technology was: "I'm not good at it right away, so forget it." Countless canvases were deleted which bore my unintelligable scribbles and experiments with different media brushes.

...not that this is anything fancy, but it's really my first ever drawing using the tablet. For reasons unknown I just came home, fired up Corel, found a photo reference, and started to draw.

Total execution for this sketch took around 20 minutes. I'm still quite inept when it comes to remembering I can change brush sizes without having to physically change the pen in my hand. Fine-tuning the opacity and pressure settings are also tricky, so I'm still playing with the default pen configuration to find my comfort zone.

The main reason for saving this piece is to use it as a starting comparison for my practice (and hopeful improvement) with digital media. I figure the tablet will be a simple alternative for my present lack of space to use traditional media.

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Scoob said...

Sweet! I can comment again on this one, 'cause I like it. And I'm very excited to see what you've got coming in the future...