Sunday, March 4, 2007

Revisiting the Basics

My friend Dan told me about a figure-drawing studio in a somewhat frightening area of LA by Little Tokyo. This past Tuesday evening, we made a spontaneous trip down to the studio for some sketching. While the bum-infested industrial area almost made me cry as we walked to the loft around 10 o'clock at night, once we got inside I was quite amazed.

The studio was very spacious, and the overall environment very warm and friendly. Artists from all walks of life formed a large ring around an expectant model platform. People had brought along every medium imaginable for the session, which included a few laptops and drawing tablets. The studio itself also sported a fully-stocked bar (yay! drinking and drawing!), a billiard table, a small stage with lights and speakers, and an upstairs area that I didn't get a chance to explore.

Yikes. I have definitely devolved since my last figure-drawing session. Since the models were running a little late, I caught the last few minutes of this gentleman who volunteered to sit in. Every week the models have a theme to which they dress accordingly in professional costumes. This session was Greek/Roman themed, and the wait was well worth it.

This was probably my best attempt after the multiple Prisma sketches I made (same goes for the guy above). My first warm-up session after not drawing for months was tough, but also a great motivator for getting my skills back to where they should be.

Since the studio was a bit far and it was past 11pm on a work night, we decided to cut out early and head back across town. The Tuesday session goes from 10pm-2am, and I'm not sure if they have any other sessions scheduled. Hopefully we can make it out to the studio on a weekly basis and Wednesday mornings I'll just start drinking coffee.


SeanC said...

Good to see some new stuff! Its all looking good. Keep it up!

Gary said...

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you found it. I'm also glad to see you getting one going to... It really helps in the way of motivation, not to mention just the plain fun of it, by posting new works and getting comments and feedback, and seeing what others are doing. Look at mine, I'm going on a frenzy... hahaha... In reply to your question, I'm using mostly corel painter, the mermaid which is now posted is in PS. I'll be using corel for most of my stuff now, so much to experiment with in there.
Keep it up, and I hope to see more from you soon. Talk to ya later. Have a Great Day/Week.

M. Dinardi said...

Hey Crystal! hope you re doing well and having fun. It is great that you are getting out to draw. Looking forward to seeing more!

Scoob said...

These are fun! It sounds like you found a pretty sweet drawing studio over there - wish I could join you!